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Summary SPE-184120-MS: Perforating Strategy for Stimulating Viscous Oil Wells for Both Cyclic Steam Stimulation and Steam Flooding Optimizing Using Perforation Laboratory - A Case Study From Kuwait Oil Company Dec 2016
Summary IPTC-18712-MS: Penetration Performance of a Shaped Charge Perforator in Sandstone and Limestone Targets at Extreme Pore Pressures and Constant Effective Stress Nov 2016
Summary SPE-181355-MS: Case Story: Dynamic Underbalance Applied With Gun Hanger Technology in Mature Field Sep 2016
Summary SPE-181475-MS: Safe Mechanical Perforation of Pipe with Connected Control Lines Sep 2016
Summary SPE-181416 The Thermal Limit of an HMX Perforating System for Through-Tubing Gas Well Operations Sep 2016
Summary SPE-180302-MS: A Perforating Tool Kit as a Computational Paradigm Sep 2016
Summary SPE-180313-MS: Investigation of Shock Wave Interference in Low-Debris Perforating Gun System Sep 2016
Summary SPE-180310-MS: Dynamic Underbalance Applied with Gun Hanger Technology for Early Oil Production with Artificial Lift System Sep 2016
Summary SPE-180311-MS: Finite Element Modeling to Determine Perforating Gun Collapse Failure Modes and an Engineered Solution Sep 2016
Summary SPE-179051-MS: A Novel Method to Control Tool Transport in Well Intervention and Pumpdown Operations in Oil and Gas Services Mar 2016
Summary OTC-26615-MS: Development of World's First Corrosive Hostile Environment (CHE) Gun System Mar 2016
Summary SPE-178944-MS: Effects of High Pore Pressure on Perforation Tunnels in Both High and Moderate Compressive Strength Rocks Feb 2016
Summary SPE-178174-MS: Computations of Perforating Shock on an Intelligent Completions Interval Control Valve with Test Validation Jan 2016
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