Shaped Charges

JRC designs and manufactures a wide range of shaped charges for oil & gas well perforating.  This includes various applications such as deep penetrating, super deep penetrating and big hole.

Deep penetrating (DP) and super deep penetrating (SDP) charges are well suited for hard rock formations whereas big hole (BH) charges are designed for softer formations that exhibit a higher degree of permeability and natural fractures.

The JRC family of shaped charges is available in a variety of size and explosive powder combinations to accommodate various wellbore configurations and temperature ranges.  This includes RDX, HMX and HNS explosive powder.

 All JRC charges undergo vigorous testing procedures during both the development phase and the production life-cycle.  Every charge configuration is tested in an API target and the results are documented in accordance with API-19B, or QC (in-house) requirements.


MaxFORCE Frac Shaped Charge
The industry's first shaped charged designed specifically for Unconventional production in deviated or horizontal wellbores.
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