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Jet Research Center (JRC) originated and introduced jet perforating to the energy industry-forever changing the way oil and gas are produced. Located on more than 800 acres in Alvarado, Texas, JRC’s Explosive Products Center is a fully integrated research, engineering, testing and manufacturing plant that produces advanced perforating systems and specialty explosive devices for the oilfield, including shaped charge perforators, RF-protected detonators, tubing and casing cutters, severing tools, and platform removal charges.

Research and Engineering
JRC’s premier technical staff includes a balance of engineers, designers, and technicians, who are among the most knowledgeable experts in the perforating industry. Their backgrounds range from doctoral and Master’s level engineers to highly skilled explosive technicians-some with more than 25 years experience. We utilize the latest techniques and equipment in our design work, including:

  • sophisticated hydrocodes such as DYNA-2D and CTH that model the high strain rate deformations of materials subjected to explosive loading.
  • analytical computer programs that predict the response of structures to explosive impulse loads.
  • CHEETAH code for predicting state properties of reacting explosives and the resulting detonation products.


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Summary Pipe Recovery Oct 2017
Summary Charge Performance Summary Oct 2017
Summary API Section IV Flow Lab Service Oct 2017
Summary Jet Research Center Perforating Center of Excellence Feb 2017
Summary SPE-184120-MS: Perforating Strategy for Stimulating Viscous Oil Wells for Both Cyclic Steam Stimulation and Steam Flooding Optimizing Using Perforation Laboratory - A Case Study From Kuwait Oil Company Dec 2016
Summary IPTC-18712-MS: Penetration Performance of a Shaped Charge Perforator in Sandstone and Limestone Targets at Extreme Pore Pressures and Constant Effective Stress Nov 2016
Summary SPE-181355-MS: Case Story: Dynamic Underbalance Applied With Gun Hanger Technology in Mature Field Sep 2016
Summary SPE-181475-MS: Safe Mechanical Perforation of Pipe with Connected Control Lines Sep 2016
Summary SPE-181416 The Thermal Limit of an HMX Perforating System for Through-Tubing Gas Well Operations Sep 2016
Summary SPE-180302-MS: A Perforating Tool Kit as a Computational Paradigm Sep 2016
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