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Jet Research Center originated and introduced jet perforating to the energy industry, forever changing the way oil and gas are produced. And what made JRC the leader in perforating technology then continues today at JRC's Explosive Products Center in Alvarado, Texas. Located on over 800 acres (3.25 km²) in North Central Texas, JRC's Explosive Products Center offers state-of-the-art research, testing, and manufacturing facilities for the development of safe, reliable explosive products used throughout the energy industry.   

  • Products tested in accordance with API RP 19B and 19R.
  • Complete charge testing for industry service companies


Jet Research Center: A certified history maker

A new global standard was set in May 2006 when Halliburton's Jet Research Center (JRC) in Alvarado, Texas, attained Trilogy certification and Responsible Care certification.

The JRC is the first facility anywhere in the world to earn all certifications simultaneously: the ISO 9001 (a standard of quality), ISO 14001 (environmental care), OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and the ACC/ISO RC 14001 (responsible care).

The certifications were awarded by the Quality Management Institute (QMI), the largest third-party register and industry leader in certification of management systems.

"These certifications positively impact Halliburton, its employees, stakeholders, interested parties and the communities where Halliburton lives and works," said Bryan Wollam, JRC Quality/HSE manager.

The historical event set a benchmark across all business sectors, not just within the oil and gas industry. In making the announcements, QMI said that, of the thousands of certifications it has awarded over the years, the JRC was the first organization to earn all the certifications at a single time.

"The Six Star QHSE Management System sets the bar high and is one of the best management systems that we have audited globally," the QMI announcement said.

QMI also stated that the Six Star QHSE Management System is the first known management system to successfully integrate all standards under one management system, making it possible to certify to all standards during one integrated audit.

Of all the certifications, the Responsible Care standard is the most challenging. Going far beyond standards for environmental protection and employee health and safety, it also addresses the needs of customers, suppliers, distributors, carriers, stakeholders and other interested parties, including communities impacted by Halliburton's business and products.

To earn Responsible Care certification, an organization must demonstrate that it successfully implements a world-class management system and that it sets standards; evaluates and monitors carriers, suppliers and distributors; and takes into account all interested parties, from federal regulators to customers.

JRC's Trilogy certification and Responsible Care certification symbolize that it has established all controls recommended to ensure maximum performance and protect employees, the environment and the communities in which Halliburton serves.

In addition to the Trilogy and Responsible Care certifications, JRC has also obtained the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program STAR status.

Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental & Security PolicyQuality, Health, Safety, Environmental & Security Policy

Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental & Security Policy

Committed to achieving the highest performance in Quality Assurance, HSE excellence and Customer Satisfaction within prescribe time frames and in accordance with all governmental rules and regulations in a safe and efficient manner...

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