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Drill Pipe Cutters

JRC's robust family of reliable drill pipe cutters covers a wide range of sizes and pipe weights. Extensive research and testing has created an unmatched level of quality and performance for applications up to 12,500psi and 400°F (200°C).


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Summary Charge Casing & Drill Pipe Cutters-HMX
High (Blasting) explosive.
2011-03-08T00:00:00.000-06:00 2018-02-20T04:40:22.171-05:00 2018-03-16T07:00:34.203-05:00
Summary 4.500" Drill Pipe 3.313" OD Cutter
Part No.: 100000140_12.5Kpsi/400°F_1.1D UN0059
2011-03-08T00:00:00.000-06:00 2018-02-20T04:21:33.706-05:00 2018-03-16T07:00:11.431-05:00
Summary 2.375 in. Drill Pipe Cutter HMX
Part No.: 100116368
2011-03-08T00:00:00.000-06:00 2018-02-20T04:23:14.292-05:00 2018-03-16T07:00:12.011-05:00
Summary Pipe Recovery
Jet Research Center offers a variety of field-proven| reliable pipe recovery equipment to satisfy the high demands in the oilfield industry.
2014-05-19T01:00:00.000-05:00 2018-02-20T04:52:27.075-05:00 2018-03-16T07:01:08.552-05:00
Summary Drill Pipe Cutters Field Loading Procedures
The JRC explosive jet cutters contain explosive compounds which are designed to explode when they receive| intentionally or unintentionally| stimuli capable of bringing the explosive compounds to detonation.
2011-03-30T01:00:00.000-05:00 2018-02-20T04:50:13.540-05:00 2018-03-16T07:01:01.948-05:00
Summary Pipe Recovery
Includes a complete listing and specifications for JRC tubing and casing cutters| coiled tubing cutters and drill collar severing tools.
2018-07-01T00:00:00.000-05:00 2018-07-13T11:01:13.659-05:00
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