Explosive Devices - Jet Research Center®

Frequently Asked Quesstions


Q. Where can I find the MSDS forms?

A.  On the Jet Research homepage under “Most popular” you will find a link for MSDS. Simply enter the part numbers or product and click search

Q.  I need the performance specifications for your shaped charges, where can I find this?

A. On the Jet Research homepage go to the left hand column and find the “Shaped Charges” link. This will open an overview page. Click on “Charge Performance Summary” for the latest brochure.

Q. Where are shipping specifications?

A. Go to the Jet Research homepage under “Most Popular” and find the “Hazardous Shipping Guide” link. This will open a sheet with the shipping information that you can sort by part number.

Q. I need a quote, how can I reach you?

A. Go to the “Contact Us” link on the home page and either call the 1-800 number or Click the link for a functional email.

Q. Where can I find a catalog of the legacy parts and products

A. From the main site go to Products & Services>Perforating systems. This will bring you to the Perforating systems overview. The right side of the page shows a link to “Books and Catalogs” and the legacy catalogs can be found here.