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Perforation Modeling

The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory (APFL) at the  Jet Research Center (JRC) is an industry leader in perforating system research, development, and test programs. For more than 10 years, we have conducted tests tailored specifically to our clients' needs to help them better understand actual downhole conditions and perforating system performance.

To meet our customers' developing challenges, JRC has expanded the APFL with leading-edge vessels and technologies. These vessels provide our customers with the most accurate information possible regarding the effects of perforations in different formations and environments. This facility provides as close to real-world conditions as one can get in a laboratory setting.

Advanced Flow Vessels Raise the Bar

The APFL includes three testing vessels that do more than any other facility in the industry. Vessels include:

» 50,000-psi vessel: Tests at pressures higher than any other testing facility in the industry

» 25,000-psi vessel: Rotates up to 180°, enabling performance of gravity-related sanding studies to better understand the effects of perforating and fracturing in horizontal wells. No other testing facility can simulate these conditions

» 25,000-psi high-temperature vessel: Flows at temperatures reaching 400°F (204°C), enabling testing of perforating capabilities in high temperatures

Optimizing Production

With insights gained from the tests performed at the APFL, we can find better ways to:

» Clean up perforations more effectively

» Maximize production

» Evaluate alternative perforation methods

» Assess new explosive compounds and their performance

» Use better performing metals

The APFL helps personnel understand how a perforator actually performs under extreme downhole conditions. It can provide real-world answers that account for overburden stress, reservoir pore pressure, wellbore pressure, and reservoir and wellbore response. The APFL can also help identify the optimum solution to connect the wellbore and reservoir


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