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  • The file is in EXCEL format, further below you will find the summary of what is included.
  • EX documents can be viewed if the EX number is underlined.
  • If the SAP part number is underlined in the Shipping Guide, you can view the Regulatory Data Sheet (RDS) by clicking on the link.
  • The data in the shipping guide is for information only, tems from other vendors may have newer data on the vendor's website.

Coming soon: packaging changes

We will be replacing the Styrofoam in the Detonator and Booster box with new Fiberboard tubes.

Watch for the questionnaire for changes that may affect your licenses.

We want to ensure you have time to change your license before we make any changes.

Hazardous Shipping Summary

Updated Date last updated. - Hint- Use the filter to see what is new and updated since last time viewed.
Part Number SAP part number as it will appear on our boxes and shipping documentation generated from JRC Alvarado. If part number is underlined, click on the link to open the Regulatory Data Sheet or Vendor data sheet. Use the back button to open spreadsheet again.
Replaced by:
(if outdated or if applicable):
The SAP number of the replacement part if outdated with replacement. See second tab for listing of outdated parts.
N.E.C. The Net Explosive Content unit of measure is in Kilograms
Manufacturer Who the item is produced and distributed by
MFG's Part Number Self-explanatory, however this is the manufacturer responsible for obtaining the DOT EX number
Competent Authority This displays the DOT EX document number. If undlerlined, clicking on EX number will open the EX document. Use the back button to open spreadsheet again.
Proper UN Shipping Name This is required to be displayed on the boxes and all shipping documents - (not the SAP description)
UN Number This is required to be displayed on the boxes and all shipping documents
UN Shipping Class Identifies the shipping classes of the Explosives as set forth by the United Nations and is displayed on the shipping boxes
Packing Instruction Specific instructions that apply to the UN Number and Shipping Class of an item
IMDG Code International Maritime Dangerous Goods code
Package Quantity The standard quantity of items included in a box from the manufacturer
Box Type Self-explanatory
Box Dimensions (inches) Self-explanatory (soon to be standardized)
Box Dimensions (centimeters) Self-explanatory (soon to be standardized)
Gross Weight LBS Total weight of commodity and packaging in pounds
Gross Weight KG Total weight of commodity and packaging in kilos
Net Weight LBS Total weight of commodity only (no packaging included) in pounds
NEC per box in kg. Net explosive contained in shipping box
ECCN Number The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is a number which identifies the characteristics and level of control for a commodity/item. A classification number is one of the key elements for making an export license determination.
The ECCN plus the destination country determine the appropriate license or license exception for all exports and re-exports.
For more information see:
Export License Please note the information in this column does not apply to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Serbia, or Montenegro
CE Mark Yes or No, product is CE certified
CE Mark Number Certificate number issued to the product
Box SAP# SAP # for shipping box
Box POP certificate Box POP certificate
SAP short description Short description copied from SAP
Make/Buy Is the item manufactured by JRC or Bought by JRC
Canada Cert # Certificate number for approved imports into Canada
Can. Class Canadian Hazardous Classification
Can UN Number Canadian UN code issued
Can Class Canadian Shipping Classification

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