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Selecting the correct explosive initiation device is critical to ensure a safe and efficient operation. JRC provides engineered solutions backed by decades of research and un-paralleled experience in the field. Our explosive components have been designed using sound engineering principles and test procedures. These products are manufactured or selected with strict attention to quality and safety.

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RED™ Rig Environment Detonators

RED™ Rig Environment Detonators

The RF-Safe Rig Environment Detonator (RED®) family of tools provide triggering options suited to virtually any well.


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  • RED® Detonators 
  • Detonators 
  • Detonating Cords* 
  • TCP Explosive Transfer Components 
  • Sidewall Core Gun Loads Igniters 

* Please see Appendix “A” for JRC’s recommended detonating cord usage

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