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During drilling operations, an occasional unplanned event will arise where recovery of stuck pipe is required. It may be in the form of a backoff or the use of cutters. JRC has a wide range of explosive pipe recovery products for your drilling, recompletion, and abandonment operations.

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Drill Collar Severing Tool

Drill Collar Severing Tool

The JRC Drill Collar Severing Tool is ideal for use in the most severe recovery operations, including drill collars and high strength drill pipe.

Explosive Jet Cutters

Explosive Jet Cutters

A complete range of explosive pipe cutting solutions, ranging from coiled tubing, to drill pipe and casing cutters.


Drill Collar Severing Tool (DCST)

The DCST is the most effective explosive drill collar and pipe cutter used today. The DCST has a proven track record in many areas of operation where drilling rigs have become stuck and successfully works in wells with heavy muds, high pressure, and high temperature.

Jet Cutters

These are explosive shaped charges designed to give a 360˚ cut using a jet that is formed by the shape charge. Jet cutters are ranged for coiled tubing up to 13 3 ⁄8-in. casing. Jet cutters have a short-assembly length, which is most useful when rig height is limited. 

Other specialized solutions

JRC has a specialized group that designs, builds, and executes customized explosive and nonexplosive solutions to meet your challenges.


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