JRC shaped charges are engineered to ensure hole size consistency, maximize formation penetration, and increase flow efficiency to optimize your completion. We offer a full range of shaped charges including deep penetrating, fracturing, and big hole solutions.

Charges are available in a variety of sizes and explosive powder combinations to accommodate various wellbore configurations and temperature ranges, including RDX, HMX, PETN and HNS explosive powder. 

All charges undergo extensive performance and quality testing to ensure consistent, high-performance shots every time. 

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MaxForce®-FRAC Perforating Charges

MaxForce®-FRAC Perforating Charges

Perforate with the original consistent hole size charge designed for fracturing.

 FracJet™ Perforating Charges

FracJet™ Perforating Charges

Deliver superior consistent holes by providing reduced variance from shot to shot, regardless of fluid clearance and decentralization.


Frac Optimized Perforating Shaped Charges

Surface testing represents downhole results

  • EHD within 2.5% of Surface Test 
  • Better entrance hole variance (EHV) downhole compared to surface

Downhole Camera Study

Shaped charge testing

All JRC charges undergo vigorous testing procedures during both the development phase and the production life cycle.  Every charge configuration is tested in an API target, and the results are documented in accordance with API-19B or our internal quality control requirements.

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