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The breadth of JRC’s perforating capabilities and experience enables us to understand your reservoir and prescribe the optimum perforating solution. From the Velocity family of modular gun systems for the ultra-efficiency needs of plug and perf operations, to conventional gun systems for the extreme conditions of deep-water plays, JRC has specifically designed gun solutions and quality you can trust.

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Velocity™ Modular Gun System

Velocity™ Modular Gun System

Velocity perforating gun system’s modular design provides safe, efficient, and reliable operations.

Conventional Hollow Steel Carrier (HSE) Perforating Guns

Conventional Hollow Steel Carrier (HSE) Perforating Guns

JRC’s field proven range of premium hollow steel carrier gun systems provide a wide range of sizes, charge types, and designs to suit any downhole scenario.


Optimal penetration and performance

JRC offers a comprehensive array of perforating guns to deliver its industry-leading charges safely on depth for optimal penetration and performance including Capsule (Strip) Guns, Ported Guns and Scalloped Hollow Steel Carriers.  Both wireline and tubing conveyed (TCP) systems are available for conventional, through-tubing, and hostile perforating applications.

Quality and precision

JRC uses the highest quality steels to manufacture these products with rigorous quality control embedded into the manufacturing process. Charge tubes are precision cut with a laser to help ensure accuracy of charge alignment within the guns in which they are housed. Charge alignment is crucial to the explosive jet exiting the gun body in the proper space.


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