Safe, reliable TCP firing systems for high efficiency land operations to offshore deepwater projects

JRC Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) systems provide a total completion solution tailored to specific customer needs. Our TCP systems are designed for a variety of applications, including high temperature, horizontal, large differentials and time-delay through wide range of tool options.

Gun release mechanism

  • Ranging from auto releases, mechanically activated release (slickline operated), and pressure activated releases for applications that require leaving the perforating BHA in the well
  • Automated release mechanisms can be couple with most JRC TCP firing systems to provide increased flexiblity

Firing systems

  • Wide selection of firing systems, including ball-drop firing heads, hydraulic/pressure activated firing heads, extended delay firing systems, and bar drop pressure assisted firing heads
  • Combinations of JRC firing systems can be run to provide 100% “True” redundancy (top and bottom of the string)
  • Multi Action Firing Head provides firing system redundancy 

Ancillary equipment

  • Venting subs come with varying operating mechanisms such as pressure operated and bar drop activated
  • Specialized Maximum Differential Pressure Bar vent for low formation pressure applications that can overcome differential pressures
  • Unique fluid barrier subs allow running bar drop firing heads in mud environments


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