A range of explosive cutters for any application

Jet Cutters are explosive shaped charges designed to give a 360˚ cut by the use of a jet that is formed from the shaped charge. These cutters are ranged for coiled tubing up to 13-3/8-in. casing.

  • Coiled Tubing Cutters 

  • Tubing Cutters 

  • Drill Pipe Cutters 

  • Casing  Cutters 

Short-assembly length

JRC Jet cutters have a short-assembly length, which is most useful when rig height is limited. Each cutter is specifically designed for precision cutting of a particular pipe size and weight. This minimizes the amount of explosives needed and results in the cleanest possible cut.

Deployment flexibility

Provides cost savings due to conveyance flexibility, which can run on:

  • Electric line 
  • Slickline 
  • Coiled tubing

Operational safety

When deployed with JRC’s proprietary Rig Environment Detonator (RED), our explosive cutters offer a high level of protection against stray voltage or inadvertent RF-initiation. 


  • Multipe Transportation class 1.4D options for cargo aircraft shipping
  • Helps improve wellsite safety with the RED® Rig Environment Detonator for maximum security
  • Provides cost savings due to conveyance flexibility, which can run on electric line, slickline, or coiled tubing
  • Conforms to APR RP-67 regulations 
  • Easy wellsite assembly saves you expensive rig time


  • Compatible with existing hardware, including firing heads, extension mandrels, and initiators 
  • Field assembly support always available 
  • Technical customer support always available


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