Robust, easy to assemble hollow steel carrier gun systems

JRC’s field proven range of premium hollow steel carrier gun systems provide a wide range of sizes, charge types, and designs to suit any downhole scenario.  The components are designed and manufactured to JRC’s proprietary specifications to provide a safe and reliable perforating system. The systems use bi-directional boosters (which contain no primary explosives), low shrink/extra high velocity detonating cord, premium shaped charges, specialized connectors and booster alignment inserts, and quality steel. All guns incorporate machined scallops to help optimize shaped charge performance and to prevent casing and/or sealbore damage from exit hole burrs.


  • Field proven reliability in even the most extreme downhole conditions
  • Wide range of charge options, pressure ratings, lengths, and OD’s for maximum flexibility


  • Premium quality gun material manufactured to JRC proprietary specifications
  • Multiple sizes available from 1-9/16’’ to 7’’ OD
  • Non-lead Azide Explosives and high Velocity, low shrink detonating cord used in each system
  • High strength gun connectors with Bi-Directional Boosters


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