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Well completions and interventions can present unique challenges. Making the best operational decisions sometimes requires definitive answers on how a perforating or cutter system may perform, occasionally in nonstandard conditions. JRC is positioned to deliver these answers with a dedicated team of testing professionals. We’re ready to perform fast, accurate, and representative testing to provide the answers needed for making the best operational decisions.

Shaped Charge Performance

Coupon Performance Evaluation

This test series typically includes three separate shaped charge detonations, allowing for statistical certainty of the tested charge’s performance. Coupon tests can be used to understand relative penetration into a cement target, but are mainly used to identify casing-hole size and charge performance consistency. Multiple casing strings can be evaluated, and at different standoffs, with this type of test.

Thermal Testing

Perforating component or equipment component

Thermal testing is important to evaluate the degradation of perforating components exposed to elevated temperatures. Each test is specifically designed to achieve the specific data point required, whether it is a single-component pass/fail or full system performance with swell and penetration at extended temperature exposure.

Barrel test

System perfromance evaluation

A barrel test is performed by detonating a loaded perforating gun assembly inside a cemented segment of casing placed inside a standard steel barrel. This single test is commonly used to evaluate shot-to-shot interference, obtain casing hole and gun scallop size from all phasing planes, casing and gun burr height, and maximum gun swell. 

Drop testing

System survivability

System survivability test from shock or drop. Drop test is typically performed for equipment survival. Test is a 30-ft drop onto a steel plate.

Pipe recovery testing

Jet Cutter or Drill Collar Severing Tool

Testing of any Jet Cutter or Drill Collar Severing Tool can be performed in various environmental conditions (tension, compression, fluids, etc.). These tests are designed to evaluate a cut or no-cut for a single environmental condition.



Mechanical system testing is an integral step in qualifying any downhole tool or perforating system prior to operating in a wellbore. JRC currently houses four separate test vessels capable of pressure and temperature testing simultaneously and values beyond ultra-HP/HT ratings. These vessels can evaluate explosive and nonexplosive systems.

Customized testing

Our team of engineers and technicians stand ready to work closely with our clients to develop and conduct any testing program. Customized testing is our specialty, and we pride ourselves in the ability to obtain needed data and operational information to enable better decisions that lead to lower risk and higher return on investment.


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