The industry leader in perforating safety

Perforating safety has long been a driving force within our industry since the introduction of explosives to well completion methods. The rapid proliferation of wireless communication devices potentially increases the possibility of accidental detonation while working with electrically initiated explosives. To meet the demand for increased operating safety, JRC developed the Rig Environment Detaonotor (RED). 

RED Top Fire Detonator

Used with top fire perforating systems, and with tubing casing cutters.

RED Capsule Detonator

The Capsule RED is a high-pressure detonator used in an exposed environment common with capsule guns and string shots. It is rated at 15,000 psi (103 MPA).

RED Igniter

Used to ignite gas generator power charges such as chemical casing cutters or packer setting tools. 

RED Block Detonator

Used with bottom-fire hollow steel carrier gun systems. Disables when submerged in fluid.


  • Allows many normal rig operations, such as RF communications, welding, and cathodic protection to continue uninterrupted during perforating 

  • Does not require special surface firing panels or downhole firing units 

  • Reduced connections and leak paths  

  • Provides a simple, economical, “offshore safe” substitute for resistorized hot-wire detonators, EBW, and EFI detonators 

RED Top Fire Detonator
RED Top Fire Detonator
RED Igniter
RED Igniter


  • Multiple versions with complete line adapters to run with all industry standard hardware 

  • Fires with either positive or negative VDC 

  • Does not use primary explosives 

  • Rated to 375°F (190°C) for 1 hour 

  • Tested RF safe by four industry-recognized testing agencies: Franklin Applied Physics (U.S), Sandia National Laboratories (U.S), ERA Technology Ltd. (U.K), and DNB Engineering Inc. (U.S) 

  • UN Shipping Classification 1.4B 

The heart of this ultra-safe detonator is Semicondutor Bridge (SCB)

The SCB is a device designed to ignite energetic materials when subjected to a fast discharge current pulse. As a plasma generator for igniting explosives, the device has no equilvalent in terms of reliability. When subjected to intense radio frequency (RF) energy, the device will continuously dissipate up to 5 watts of power without inadvertent ignition. When the SCB is combined with the patented firing/safety circuit, they comprise an electroexplosive device that has an incredibly high immunity to RF energy, stray voltage, and static buildup.


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